People around the world have turned to the Singer brand for over 150 years for a wide variety of reliable products. From sewing machines to sewing notions to small appliances, consumers trust the Singer name.

Dyno Merchandise carries a full line of Singer sewing, craft and fashion-related products. View the drop down menu and click on the desired links to learn more about our Singer line.

Straight Pins  Singer Straight Pins are made of durable steel and there are varieties for all fabric types and project uses:
  • Dress maker pins for general use
  • Ballpoint pins for knits
  • Silk pins for sheer and lingerie fabrics
  • Multi-colored and pearlized ball heads and decorative fun-shaped plastic tops.
  • Available in traditional length (17) to extra long sizes 20-24 for thicker fabrics and quilting.
Hand Needles  Hand needles are available in a multitude of varieties and sizes:
  • Sharps, Tapestry, Embroidery, Darners, Crafting
  • Specialty needles such as Large Eye, Heavy Duty and Self threading
  • Convenient storage containers such as Dial Up compacts and decorative magnetic cards

Safety Pins  Safety pins are available in assorted sizes, small – 00, to large crafting size 3. In brass, brass plated and steel, colored metallic and black and white.
Singer scissors provide the same great performance as our sewing notions. Whether you need scissors for sewing, crafting, general household use or hair, Singer should be your source.
Sewing Scissors  The Singer brand is synonymous with Sewing, so you can feel confident cutting even your most delicate fabrics with Singer scissors.
  • 3-1/2" folding scissors to 8-1/2" hot forged and everything in between
  • Comfort Grip and regular handles
  • All scissors are guaranteed for life
Crafting Scissors  Although smaller, our Crafting scissors are just as reliable and accurate as our Sewing scissors. We offer:
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Beautiful multi-color/multi-size pack
  • Rubber grip handles available for extra comfort
  • 2-1/2" to 4-3/4" sizes
  • All scissors are guaranteed for life
General Household Scissors  Dyno also offers Singer scissors for All Purpose Household use:
  • 4-1/2" to 8-1/2"
  • Comfort Grip and regular handles
  • All scissors are guaranteed for life.
Hair Care Scissors  We offer a limited line of hair care scissors for people who like to extend their creativity beyond just sewing and crafts.
  • Comfort grip handle
  • 7-1/2" and 4-3/4" sizes
  • All sizes are guaranteed for life
SINGER SEWING ACCESSORIES  Sewing Notions and Instruments including:
  • Basic sewing tools such as thimbles, needle threaders, seam rippers and pin cushions.
  • Measuring instruments of retractable, self-adhesive and vinyl tape measures in a variety of lengths and sewing gauges.
  • All varieties of fasteners – Hook N Eyes, snaps, eyelets, buttons, Heat N Bond
SINGER / MACHINE NEEDLES & ACCESSORIES  Machine needles are available for every weight and type of fabric. Singer offers a unique coding system to select the right needle for each project.
  • Our unique color band system
    • The shank color indicates the type of needle point- regular, ballpoint, heavy duty; and the color below the shank indicates the needle size and fabric weight application.

      Weights available:
    • Regular point for woven fabrics from light (Sz 80/11) to Heavy (Sz 100/16) fabric weight
    • Ballpoint for knit fabrics from light (80/11) to specialty denim jean (100/16) needle
    • Bobbins in Class 15 and 66 sizes

  • Machine Maintenance items to keep your machine running like new such as oil, lint brushes, light bulbs and belts.
SINGER / THREADS  Available in a variety of colors and types:
  • Polyester core, cotton covered polyester under our Singer Fusion brand, mercerized cotton, cotton quilting, button/carpet, heavy duty denim, nylon and mini thread spool packs
SINGER / SEW KITS   Available in a variety of looks and assortments with unique and contemporary designs.

  • Convenient Sew-Quik with pre-threaded needles
  • Compact plastic sew boxes or pouches
  • Discrete To Go Credit card sew kit
  • Mini thread spool packs with accompanying hand needles
  • Beginners Sew Kit with everything you need to get started
SINGER / ADDITIONAL ITEMS  We offer a large variety of additional items to aid in your sewing and craft-related projects:

  • Iron-on patches in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Replacement stitching items Sew No More, Instant Hem N Cuffs, Fusing Web, Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Button Magic
  • Fuzzy Wuz Lint Remover
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